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securelevel(7) (∞)

securelevel is a security mechanism in OpenBSD kernel. It provides four levels of system security, from insecure mode to draconian mode:

  • -1 (Permanently insecure mode) Kernel does not try to increase security level. This effectively disables securelevel protections.
  • 0 (Insecure mode) all devices can be read or written and system file flags can be cleared using chflags.
  • 1 (Secure mode) the raw memory devices can not be written to, the raw devices of mounted file systems can not be written to, important kernel variables are locked down - Actually, this is the mode by default.
  • 2 (Highly secure mode) raw disk devices can not be written to, certain time related functions are locked down so the time cannot be set in the pastand pf rules may not be altered. This ultimate mode is a last line of defence if the superuser account is compromised or limit potential damage.